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Welcome to APC Technologies

APC Technologies specializes in RF to mmWaves design and manufacturing, delivering state of the art added value products and solutions.
APC was founded by in 2005 to deliver innovative Microwave solutions along with cost effective high repeatability implementations. This was achieved by a highly experienced engineering team combining technologies and disciplines from both the military and the commercial domains.

APC developed unique design tools and methodologies to enable the use of new technologies and implementation methods.
APC has a vast experience base enabling it to offer a wide range of solution for Military/Defence, Scientific, Broadcast and Industrial market segment.

APC services customers with products from specialized RF & Microwave component manufacturers who have a need to utilize a technical sales and marketing approach combined with premier customer service in the form of a time and place utility. APC services to Defence, Aerospace, Broadcast, Industrial, Medical and Wireless segment market. The Company focuses its sales and marketing resources solely on applications and markets of customers who design and manufacture with RF & Microwave components in their end product.


Wolfspeed is the largest American producer of GaN-on-SiC RF wafer processing technology. Wolfspeed’s GaN HEMTs and MMICs enable enhanced innovation, performance and efficiency across a broad spectrum of RF and microwave applications for both the commercial and military sectors.

Each day the world’s electronics, industrial and communications sectors become more interconnected by evolving RF technologies. In offering the world’s most efficient and highest performing RF devices and Foundry Services, Wolfspeed is making any vision possible.

WOLFSPEED’S GaN COMPONENTS enable next-generation electronics systems that are the best-in-class in efficiency and performance, including the lowest Failure-in-Time (FIT) rate in the industry.

WOLFSPEED’S LDMOS COMPONENTS portfolio, now with LD12, delivers on the promise of continued innovation for cellular applications such as improved 4G networks and the shift to 5G networks.

WOLFSPEED’S FOUNDRY SERVICES turn your designs into a faster, more reliable reality. As leaders in GaN-on-SiC MMIC technology, we have the design assistance, testing and support to realize your specifications from initial development to recurring production. Plus, as a volume supplier, we can do it with faster cycle times, higher first-pass design success and greater reliability than any competitor.