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APC Technologies Services

APC Technologies, manufactures induction Welders for the pipe and tube industry. These tube welders with output power from 50kW to 1200kW and above are used to manufacture ferrous and nonferrous pipes & tubes for automotive, structural, water/oil/gas lines and furniture industries. We also manufacture welders for spiral fin to tube welding application.
Solid State Welder technology is the most advanced, reliable and field proven welder in the market today. The world's largest selling welder achieves frequencies up to 800 kHz - the industry's widest range. These welders require no output transformers and deliver rated power from the HF welder to a wide range of tubes producted by matching the load impedance - automatically - and hence maintaining a constant weld frequency to produce consistent weld quality.
We also manufactures weld seam annealing systems, for API pipes and vacuum tube operated HF Induction welders.

Solid-state H.F. Welder

Include Switch Rectifying Cabinet, Inverter Output Cabinet, Central Console, Mechanical Adjusting Equipment, Circulation Soft Water Cooling System (air-water cooler).

DC Drive Cabinet

DC speed regulation cabinet has 3 series: computer-control stimulation mode, all-digital Euro Drive original mode and all-digital Euro Drive expansion mode. Adopt speed-current double close-loop control, with merits of wide speed regulation range, super dynamic performance, multiple motors linkage etc.

Solid-state Induction Heating Equipment (non welding pipe)

This equipment widely apply for heat processing and treatment situation like metallic fusion, welding, brazing, heat penetration, annealing and quenching etc.

KGPS Series Thyristor M.F. Induction Heating Device

The equipment adopts 89C51 single chip as core control with massive integrate circuit, based on exerting powerful computer software and hardware function it achieves the best regulation on rectifying and inverting.

GP Series Vacuum H.F. Induction Heating Device

The GP series H.F. vacuum induction heating equipment adopts vacuum tube as the key parts. The intelligentized control system which has the functions of voltage regulation, resonance, protection, is consisted of single chip (SCM) as key part, with the merits of easy but reliable circuit and easy maintenance.

KGS Series Large Power DC power supply

The KGS series large power DC power supply adopts thyristor as the key parts of 3-phase voltage regulation. The intelligentized control system is consisted of single chip (SCM) as key part, has the functions of voltage regulation and rectifying.

Various Specifications of Standard and Non-standard Quenching Machine Tool: CNC Numerical Control, PLC Program Control etc.

The CNC numerical control machine tool is a whole set equipment, adopts numerical control system to achieve high precision, high efficiency control, and also it’s an automatic equipment integrated with machine tool, computer, driver, motor, auto control, inspection and diagnosis.

Circulation Soft Water Cooling System (water-water cooling system)

The water-water cooling system is composed of heat exchanger with the adoption of the special corrugated structure which makes the soft water form sharp turbulent flow in order to strengthen heat exchange